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3 Ways To Banish Mom Guilt

Free 1-hour webinar led by therapist Michelle Winterburn


All moms experience guilt at some point – and it’s no fun. In this free webinar, learn how to stop mom guilt in its tracks so you can reclaim your confidence and joy.

Mom Guilt is Real

If you’re a mom, chances are you can relate with one of the following:

  • “I feel selfish for wanting to spend time alone.”
  • “I feel like a bad mom for putting my kids in front of technology so I can have a break or get stuff done.”
  • “I miss parts of my old life, but I feel bad for thinking that way.”

If left to run wild, mom guilt can make you feel less confident, erode healthy boundaries, suck your joy, and even lead to overwhelm, anxiety or depression.

Goodbye Guilt, Hello Happy Mama!

Join this free 1-hour webinar to learn how to fight back. Led by therapist Michelle Winterburn, this webinar will teach you:

  • What defines mom guilt?
  • Why does guilt happen to all of us moms?
  • 3 powerful ways to banish mom guilt today... so you can reclaim your confidence, freedom and sense of self!

You’ll walk away with a helpful worksheet. Plus, ask Michelle your questions during a closing Q&A period.


2021-07-06 at 7:00pm


Live Zoom workshop - the video recording will be shared afterwards, in case you can’t attend live.


Michelle Winterburn, MSW, RSW, Alli therapist



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