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Overcome 3 Common Toddler Parenting Challenges

Toddler 101: Free 1-hour webinar led by Norette Rene-Gougeon, MSW, RSW, Alli therapist


Learn how to tackle three common toddler and preschooler challenges so you can parent with more confidence and uncover added joy.

Does this Sound Familiar?
  • Challenge #1: Never Ending No’s - You’re spending your whole day saying no, stop it and don’t do that! You feel like you’re no fun and you’re exhausted by your child constantly testing the limits.
  • Challenge #2: Big Emotions - Your child quickly escalates into big emotional outbursts. You feel super frustrated by it and wish you knew how to handle it better in the moment.
  • Challenge #3: Grumpy Mornings = Bad Days - You haven’t even had your morning coffee yet and you and your child are already at it. You both trigger each other and it feels like the day is already ruined. If you can’t recover, you know the day is headed for disaster.
There is a Way Through!

Although these challenges seem big and exhausting, there are no-fail things you can do daily to see quick improvements and long-term success.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • What to say instead of “no” and why limiting the use of no is helpful during the early developmental years.
  • What steps to take when your child is expressing big emotions.
  • Magic words that will de-escalate a situation and why this is important for protecting your child’s self esteem.
  • How to reset the day in a way that supports your emotional wellbeing, avoids feelings of parent guilt and recovers the day.
  • How to model behaviours effectively and why it’s so important to do so.
  • And much more!

At the end of this workshop, you’ll walk away with strategies you can implement in the early years that benefit both yourself and your child. Protect your child’s self esteem, avoid shaming and feel more capable and confident as a parent.


2022-07-11 at 7:30pm


Live Zoom workshop - the video recording will be shared afterwards, in case you can’t attend live.


Norette Rene-Gougeon, MSW, RSW, Alli therapist



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