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Professional therapy for all stages of parenthood.

Therapy is an investment in yourself. You need to look after you to be the best parent/partner you can for your family.

How it Works

Let's see how we can help

Meet with as many therapists as you want, for free

Take a 3-minute matching quiz to find your matched therapists. Meet with as many therapists as you want, for free, until you find your one.

Simple, no hidden fees

After you find your ideal therapist, we’ll design a care plan and frequency that works for you. Stop any time with no penalties.

Each 60-minute session is $150 and our care coordinators can help you explore your insurance options.

Our areas of focus

Our therapists are experts in all stages and phases of parenthood.

  • Parenting counselling
  • Prenatal & pregnancy counselling
  • Postpartum counselling, including postpartum depression and mood disorder
  • Co-parenting and single parenting
  • Couples counselling
  • Infertility counselling
  • Loss of a child
  • Family counselling
  • Separation or divorce counselling

Our Reviews

Why parents love Alli

I was putting my mental wellbeing on the back burner when the truth was, I just needed a little support. Alli’s community and professional help really made all the difference.

Tina M.

Mom of Two

Does My Insurance Cover Therapy?

Insurance is complicated, we get it - let us lend a helping hand! We offer complimentary insurance support to help you understand your coverage.

Our Therapists

Therapists who speak parent

Therapists that speak "parent"

Alli’s psychotherapists, social workers and psychologists are selected because they understand the challenges of parenthood and they’re passionate about supporting you through your journey. With unique training, education and life experiences, our therapists are here to help.

Meet the whole team
Norette Rene-Gougeon



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Starting therapy is easy.

With Alli, we’ll match you with a therapist who understands your parenthood challenges. Your introductory session is always free and confidential.