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About Senam

Are life's surprises unpleasant, anxiety-inducing, or overwhelming? I'll help you overcome these challenges and learn new ways of thinking to be your best. As your therapist, I'll utilize my education and expertise to help you establish a positive identity, manage life's challenges, and improve your relationships, leaving you strong, competent, and whole. In this space, you will be heard, valued and encouraged while you reveal your innermost thoughts, sentiments and behaviours. Together, we'll cultivate a sense of safety that encourages you to explore new mindsets for improved mental health. If this journey resonates with you, let's connect and begin!

Senam Bruce-Kemevor

Senam Bruce-Kemevor

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What does Alli mean?

[ noun ] al-li | a-lī

A person or entity who supports and empowers others.

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