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Support for Your Pregnancy and Parenthood Journey

Mental Health Support for Kensington Midwifery's moms

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Support for Your Pregnancy and Parenthood

Find a new mom group guided by a therapist

A safe space to share your parenthood journey and connect with others experiencing similar challenges.

Explore challenges and growth opportunities alongside 4-7 moms guided by a licensed therapist.

Find a therapist to guide and support you

Find individual or couples’ support with therapists who specialize in all types of parenthood challenges. Your introductory session is always free and confidential.

Join a free workshop led by specialists

Register for a free, 1-hour live session on topics important to parents.

Facilitated by licensed specialists, these workshops are designed to help you feel informed, encouraged and supported.

Our Reviews

Why parents love Alli

I was putting my mental wellbeing on the back burner when the truth was, I just needed a little support. Alli’s community and professional help really made all the difference.

Tina M.

Mom of Two

Our Therapists

Therapists who speak parent

Specialized Therapists To Support You Through Parenthood

Alli’s psychotherapists and social workers are selected because they understand the unique challenges that come with each stage of parenthood.

Each therapist has a different style and is ready to walk alongside you. With unique training, education, and life experience, the therapist that best suits you is ready and eager to support you.

Meet the whole Alli team
Norette Rene-Gougeon


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