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As a mother myself, I understand the inevitable challenges that arise while raising our children. I’m passionate about working with parents because I’ve seen and experienced what small changes can do in a family to create a ripple effect of positive behaviours. I believe the best care is an individualized approach that revolves around your own family's core beliefs, values and morals.

The internet can be extremely misleading and leave parents feeling even more frustrated. I aim to help ease those worries and support families as they tune back into their own personal parenting goals, virtues and challenges using a strength-based, anti-oppressive approach.

I enjoy teaching parents the importance of becoming accountable, forgiving themselves and using their "mistakes" as learning opportunities to grow and become a better parent. I’ve worked with a wide range of people from different backgrounds and with differing abilities.

"Danielle is warm, empathetic and kind and she cares for her clients deeply. She goes above and beyond to ensure individuals and families feel seen, heard and supported."
Therapeutic Interest
  • Pregnancy Planning
  • Support for women /children who have suffered from violence/trauma
  • Support for parents with children who have special needs
  • Prenatal and Postpartum depression (Body image/sexuality pre & post-natal)
  • Couples counselling / Co Parenting - rediscovering role transitions and/or intimacy pre & postnatal
  • Fatherhood Support - a.k.a Support for Dads because of course, they feel the feels too!
  • Bereavement Therapy for parents who have experienced loss (pre & postnatal)
  • Bachelor of Arts-Psychology & English - Saint Mary's University
  • Bachelor of Social Work - Dalhousie University
Additional Training
  • Incredible Years training - Certified group facilitator parenting workshops
  • Positive parenting solutions
  • Yoga Certified ( few hours left to complete and then certified to teach ) "JOGA -Toronto"
Therapeutic Style
  • client-centered
  • trauma-informed
  • anti-oppressive
  • mindful/holistic
  • motivational interviewing
Danielle Djelic

Danielle Djelic

She / Her

Therapist - BA, BSW, RSW